How to run an experiment locally using browser?

Hi everyone, I’ve used builder view for a while, but now I want to write a program for my collaborator to run locally without installing psychopy or python. I wonder if I can use the js code generated by psychopy to do it? I don’t plan to run it online, only locally, so pavlovia does not work for me. Thank you very much!

Hi @Qingfang_Liu , you can build a standalone application from their Python script and run it as an executable. This way you can send your experiment to your collaborator, who will not need to install Psychopy to run it. However, it is not advisable to run your experiment this way, as you will have less control over how the experiment runs., so it would be better to have your collaborator install a standalone version of Psychopy.

Please see the link for an example of how to create an executable, and the limitations of running the experiment this way.


Thank you! This is very helpful.