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Routine skipping

Hi there,

I’m using a Mac OS sierra, PsychoPy v 1.85.2.

I’m new to psychopy and I desperately need help with my experiment, hopefully someone has an idea of whats going wrong! The experiment involves viewing stimuli, then an image of a rating scale and rating whether you like or dislike the stimuli using a key response, then another rating scale which asks the participant to predict whether a negative or positive picture will be presented. This process is then repeated many times in the loop.

It works fine in the first loop, but in the second loop the part of the routine where the second rating scale comes up this randomly skips on some of the repeats, so only one rating scale appears and after making a response the second scale does not appear and it jumps straight to the negative or positive image. I have no idea what I can do to resolve this, any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

Hi, we would need a much more detailed account of what you are doing to see what the issue might be. Perhaps post screenshots of your experiment flow and of the relevant component settings dialogs. Then give a description that states what you expect, using the actual names of the routines, and exactly what is currently happening.

Hi Michael, thanks for your response!

I have uploaded some screen shots below.

In routine ‘Basic’ there is a LegoBlock and rating scale image shown together, then a key response is made, following this a second rating scale will appear, a response made, then US2 appears, followed by 1.50s gap. and this repeats with different lego blocks.

The same should be happening in ‘Compound_2’ (but with two LegoBlocks shown), for most of the repetitions it works the same but every other one only ‘EC_ratingscale 2’ appears and once the response is made it jumps straight to the US2 (missing out CCratingscale 2 and the key response).

Sorry I hope this makes sense!! Thank you for your help!!

Problem is resolved!! Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Great, sometimes just describing the problem is sufficient to see it. I’m going to guess it was a keyboard component referring to the .finished status of a rating scale from an earlier routine rather than the current, which would by definition always be finished.

A hint: you might find it easier to split up complicated routines like this into two: i.e. have the first rating scale and keyboard on one routine. When that routine ends, the following one presents the next keyboard and rating scale components immediately, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating when they start. If you should the same stimuli on each routine, the participant won’t notice the difference.

But if what you have now is working, don’t break it :wink: