Problem: Routines in Loop are being skiped


I am trying to build a loop made of several routines using the Psychopy Builder:
In the first routine a text is being presented.
The next 3 routines consist of an exercise that is to be solved by clicking a button.
In the last routine there is an editable textbox.

The three middle routines all have the same settings, however the experiment skips the final two exercises, continously, and goes straight to the textbox routine.
In the exercise routines:
The text that displays the exercise is to randomly select exercises from a spredsheet that is added in the loop conditions and set every repeat.
The buttons are set to force end of routine, as to get to the next execise. The button text is set to constant.
The loop is set to random, is trials is ticked, nReps is 2 and there are 24 conditions with 4 parameters - the presented text in the first routine and the exercises for the three exercise routines.

What do I need to do, so all the routines are included in the loop?

I am very new to PsychoPy, so I hope this specification makes sense.
I am using Win10 and PsychPy v2021 12.3.

Thank you for any help!

If two consecutive routines end on a mouse click in the same location then the second will end immediately because the mouse is already down.

Solution 1: Move the location.

Solution 2: Start the mouse response after 1 second, or some other minimum duration.

Thank you very much! I’ll try that :slight_smile: