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Retreiving data - logged as saved, doesn't show on the psydat/csv files

Hi Everyone

It is kind of a long story, but i’d be thankful if someone would be able to help me out with this one:

A friend of mine ran an experiment in which for some reason the last trial was not logged either in the CSV output or in the psydat.entries (relevant variables were supposed to be saved using thisExp.addData() under ‘end routine’). However, all preceding 88 trials (generated with a conditions CSV file) were fully saved.

This is extremely odd for various reasons:

  1. This occurred for all participants, so it was not a matter of the experiment crashing randomly or anything similar.
  2. Looking at the log file i can identify the ‘regular’ trials created by the conditions file and they are reported to be saved into the CSV and psydat files. However, also the saving of information from the Catch trial (generated by code) is logged, but is missing from the CSV and psydat files.

The funny thing is that i can write something that will retrieve the RT and response from the log files, but i would not know whether that was correct/incorrect response - since the order of the stimuli on the catch trial (two audio trials played one after the other) was randomized but is not logged anywhere i could find. :unamused:

Here are the CSV and log files (listed as, since the site wouldn’t allow me to upload log/txt files) - if anyone is willing to look at it and see what i am missing i’d be thankful.
As for the psydat file if you want to examine it - you can download it using this link.


_pyTone_1_2018_Dec_02_1753.csv (11.2 KB) (1.7 MB)