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Recovering Data from Missing Trial

Hello everyone,

I am new to using PsychoPy and have only a little bit of experience with Python. I am running an experiment that was created in Builder Mode and have encountered an issue. One of the trials of the experiments had the “Is trials” box unchecked, and as such responses from participants for that trial do not appear in the output csv files.

Reading about the .psydat file and looking at the experiment in coder view, I suspect that the data for this trial may still be stored in the .psydat file and therefore recoverable. Am I correct? I tried using the csvFromPsydat tool but unfortunately it created a csv file with the same trial missing from the data. If anyone could help me find a way to get the missing data it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


I guess that makes sense, as PsychoPy has been explicitly told to not regard that loops as consisting of trials.

You might need to check in in the log file output although log files are much harder to parse than a nicely laid-out .csv file.

You might want to look into Jon’s suggestion here:

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