No .psydat files to retrieve missing information from unchecked "is trials" box

Description of the problem:

I used the Builder to program an experiment that presents participants image stimuli. The images are determined based on the rows of an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also indicates the filename of the stimulus and its corresponding condition (A vs. B). Custom code randomly generates which 20 out of 60 of the rows participants will see, so participants do not see all stimuli, and not all participants see the same stimuli. The loop order is random.

I accidentally unchecked the “is trial” box on the loop, so my .csv output files do not include the filename nor the condition of the stimuli presented. I only have the participant’s response and reaction time.

My hope was to recover this information from the .psydat files, but to my surprise, I only had .psydat files for the incomplete submissions. I do have .csv and .log files for all submissions. We collected data using Pavlovia on Prolific.

Why would .psydat files be missing? Are there alternative ways to recover this information? Any help would be greatly appreciated!