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Response in same loop

I am using PsychoPy v1.84.2 on Mac OS x Yosemite 10.10.5. I am trying to get two keyboard responses (1-5 ratings) in a single routine. The output CSV has the first key response and RT recorded, but says ‘none’ for the second response. I have tried many iterations to get this to work, but cannot seem to figure it out. I just want to make sure both responses are being properly recorded within the same loop. I included screen shots here of the overall loop, the properties of the first and second responses, as well as the CSV output. How can I make the properties of the second response be properly recorded in the output?

Screenshot of loop in builder:

Screenshot of first response properties:

Screenshot of second response properties:

Screenshot of output:

(1) You only have one physical keyboard, so you can only have one keyboard component running at one time (i.e. they’re both trying to check the same thing at the same time).

(2) Can you see that it doesn’t really make sense to talk of having a “first” and a “second” response, when each of those keyboard components is set to “force end of routine”. i.e. as soon as a key is pressed, then regardless of which component detected it, the routine will be terminated and by definition you can’t gather another response.

You need to re-think a little how you want to gather your data. You don’t really describe your trial structure, but I’d suggest that the simplest way to implement this would be to split it across two routines. Have a single keyboard component on the first routine, so when a key is pressed, that routine ends and the next one starts, where you gather the second response. You can show the same stimuli on each routine, so the subject won’t see any apparent change unless you want them to (e.g. perhaps changing the instruction on screen for what they should rate).