[RESOLVED] Recording Mouse XY for 90 seconds breaks CSV, recording for 20 seconds is fine

[Asking the question made me realise what was wrong - but leaving it for others] URL of experiment: Dagmar Fraser / Hickman_Shapes_V4 · GitLab

Description of the problem: Trialing the above. During testing I have been using a time out 20 seconds and the mouse XY position is saved faithfully. e.g. Mouse X is 20 * 60 long in one cell when opened in Excel.

When doing 90 seconds (so 90 x 60Hz) we get the csv with data escaping the cell when opened in Excel… and that’s the issue Excel wasn’t parsing the CSV correctly. Opening it is a text editior showed no issues, and so we opened it in Numbers on the Mac and it parsed correctly. Sigh.

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Yeah, Excel can try to be a bit too “helpful” sometimes. I just discovered I can’t mark your original post as a solution, so I’ll mark this one instead. See above post :slight_smile:

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