Data Recorded in CSV file

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OS (Win10):
PsychoPy version (3.6.6):
**Standard Standalone? (y/)
**What are you trying to achieve?:
I have an experiment that records all the left clicks of the mouse in any part of the screen.
I have separated the clicking into loops of 60 sec. this means that there are 60 sec of clicking separated by 5 min breaks in between. Every 60 sec loop is a variation (1, 3, 3, 4), so 4 variations in total, separated by 5 min breaks. All is good, until I get to the data in the CSV file, it seems that the data (x and y position of the mouse) gets recorded only starting loop or variation 2 on, so variation one or loop1 mouse (x/y) positioning by click never gets recorded.
Looking at the log I found that variation 0 does not record all the mouse clicks and variation one 1 (x/y) position per click gets recorded fine.
Any Thoughts?

snip of mouse settings for variation or loop 1:

Log file data:
Created sequence: random, trialTypes=1, nReps=27, seed=None
19.3416 EXP New trial (rep=0, index=0): None
19.3527 EXP textbox: autoDraw = False
19.3527 EXP polyCirc2: autoDraw = True
19.3527 EXP LineCirc2: autoDraw = True
19.3527 EXP PolyCir1: autoDraw = True
19.3527 EXP LineCirc1_11: autoDraw = True
20.4684 DATA Mouse: Left button down, pos=(911,876)
20.4768 EXP New trial (rep=1, index=0): None
20.4870 EXP polyCirc2: autoDraw = False
20.4870 EXP LineCirc2: autoDraw = False
20.4870 EXP PolyCir1: autoDraw = False
20.4870 EXP LineCirc1_11: autoDraw = False
20.4870 EXP polyCirc2: autoDraw = True
20.4870 EXP LineCirc2: autoDraw = True
20.4870 EXP PolyCir1: autoDraw = True
20.4870 EXP LineCirc1_11: autoDraw = True
20.6695 DATA Mouse: Left button up, pos=(911,876)
21.6027 DATA Mouse: Left button down, pos=(1828,941)

CSV file with mouse x/y empty for loop 1:
Jonatan23_exerciseWithcodegoodversion_2021_Jan_27_1408.csv (4.4 KB)

The issue has been solved, don’t know what solved it. I just restarted PsychoPy and all was good.