Reset Feedback variables

Hello everyone,

I need some help about my experiment.

The experiment consists of two Tasks (Simon task and Flinker task). In these tasks, there is three block and two breaks and after each block feedback of the current block is given. Since the blocks are the same, I used the same components, but when it gives feedback, it gives the feedback of the first block for each time.

I give number of correct responses and average reaction time as feedback.

The code I used,

Begin Experiment;

nCorr_exp = []
msg_exp = ''

Begin Routine;

nCorr_exp =['key_resp.corr'].sum()

msg_exp = 'You can take a break. \n\n You gave {} correct answers. \n Your average response time is {:.3}ms.\n\nPress ANY key to continue.' .format(nCorr_exp, key_resp.rt*1000)

I tried to reset the variables into feedback’s End Routine, but I couldn’t. What can I do to reset? Or what else would you recommend? (476.8 KB)

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Instead of['key_resp.corr'].sum() I tend to add key_resp.corr to a variable on each trial, which means that I can easily reset it.

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Thank you a lot.