Feedback after a practice loop

Hello everyone,
I am trying to give Feedback about the general performance after a practice Loop (consisting of the Routine Trials (12 Trials) and the Routine feedback (giving Feedback after every trial)). The loop is repeated 5 Times. Then I want to give feedback about the general performance in this whole loop.

Here are the variables I introduced in the beginning of the experiment:
correct_answers = 0
total_trials_per_loop = 12
loop_repetitions = 5
msg_total_feedback = “”
total_trials_in_exercise = total_trials_per_loop * loop_repetitions
percentage_correct = 0

This is my code in the routine feedback inside the loop:
if responseTarget.corr:
msg = ‘Richtig.’
correct_answers += 1
msg = ‘Falsch. Benennen Sie die Farbe.’

This is my Code for the geneal Feedback on the practice session after the loop:
percentage_correct = (correct_answers / total_trials_in_exercise) * 100
msg_total_feedback = f"Korrekte Antworten in der Übung: {percentage_correct}%"

This general Feedback isnt shown when i run the experiment. Can someone please help me on this? I get no error codes, the experiment just goes on.

I would be really happy if someone could help me solve this problem! Thank you!

Is the code component for your general feedback above the text component?

Is the text component set to update each repeat?

You could put some sample text in your Begin Experiment code to see if that shows up.