Replace feedback with images

hello everyone, I’m building my first task with psychopy. Specifically, I am programming a stop signal task. I do it but I have a problem and I need your help. Currently in my task, a feedback is given to the participant for every target . The feedback consists of written words. If the participant answers correctly the feedback will be: “correct”, if the participant misses the button, the feedback will be “” careful you shouldn’t have pressed “or if the participant doesn’t answer anything, the feedback will be” careful, you didn’t answer ". I need replace the word feedback with images feedback but when i try to do it, the the program crashes. could you help me? i need to understand where i’m wrong
19Novembre.psyexp (34.1 KB) SST_cond_8_trialx25.xlsx (10.4 KB)

SST_prac_V1.xlsx (9.0 KB) .

Are you keeping the arrow files in the same folder as the experiment? If not, you will need to either move them to the same folder, or use an absolute path (with the full C://Users/… at the beginning). I’d recommend the former, as absolute paths can cause issues when syncing online.

Are you getting any error messages?

Hi, thank you for your answer. I need to insert feedback images after the participant response. If he responds well the feedback must be image (x) if it ripsond poorly he feedback must be image (y). Do you suggest me to insert the feedback images in the same excel file as the target stimuli? if so, how I can do it? I take this opportunity to ask you how i can regulate the feedback image in the code? Can you help me?

I’m not sure you’d need an excel sheet at all - as which image is chosen isn’t linked to which iteration of the trial you’re in, it’s just which response the participant gave. If you have a correct response specified in the keyboard/mouse collecting the response, let’s call this component resp, then resp.corr will be either a 0 or a 1, which you can use as an index. So you could set the value of the image to be:

["incorrect.png", "correct.png"][resp.corr]

and this should switch according to response. So in this case there’s no Code component needed, however if your response isn’t a mouse or keyboard component then you may need a code component to work out if they were correct or not (for example, if it was an editable textbox you might need to add corr = myTextbox.text == correctAns)

Thank you so much for your help.
I tried to insert what you suggest but obviously something wrong. I am attaching the image of how my task looks. As you can see I currently have a section related to feedback (which is verbal) and is regulated by the code that I am attaching to you in the second image. To replace verbal-to-picture feedback, where should I enter the codes you suggest?