Providing Feedback for Image Discimination Task

Hi everyone! I’m a grad student working in a vision lab and have been tasked with building an experiment with no prior experience in psychopy. We want to present participants with images where they will have to respond one of two ways (circles are inside object or outside object). There will be 5 practice trials and many more regular trials. for the practice trials, I need to provide feedback for whether the key they pressed corresponds to the right answer for a given image.
all the tutorials I have seen use text stimuli and load in an excel file for logging correct/incorrect answers. How do I adapt this as simply as possible to 5 images with a feedback routine telling the ppt if their response is correct after each image?
I’m not even sure how to load all the images in as stimuli let alone log corresponding correct feedback.

I have loaded images in using an excel sheet and am now wondering how integrate this into the feedback component