"ReferenceError: False is not defined"

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Description of the problem:
I encountered this problem when I ran my program on Pavlovia, I didn’t set any variable as “False” in my code, so I have no clue what is this error saying.

The repository is currently private. You can make it public by going to settings -> general -> permissions.

Is one of your trial types or variables itself called “False”?

On a similar note, the builder seems to automatically fill in a log=False parameter for the .setVolume() function. This directly gets transferred to the javascript as well, without changing ‘False’ to ‘false’, which resulted in this error for me. So, I ended up manually editing this out of the java code before every sync :frowning:
I tried to take it out off the python code, but it seems to get auto added on every run. So me resorted to manual labor.
(I’m using Psychopy v 2020.2.2 on Linux, Ubuntu 18.04.5 )