Reference error issue

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I am trying to run my experiment online, but there are issues with the javascript translation.
When I try to run experiment in Pavlovia, I get reference error for variables “Test_Condition”.
I did look for the “Test_Condition” in my .py code, but there’s no such a variable(& Prf_Change…, also) and I didn’t add it(them).
I would like to ask you to help solving this problem, and I would appreciate it if you could tell me why these problems occur. I really want to understand what is happening and why!

Whenever I upload to Pavlovia, I face the following window.
How can I solve this problem, I’d appreciate any help on this too!

You have

Test_Condition = "";

Prf_Change = "";

in a Before Experiment code block. If you need them then I’d put them in Begin Experiment instead.

@wakecarter Thank you for your reply,
but I wonder where they came from.
As I mentioned above, they are not written in my Psychopy code.

Btw, what should I do for removing the error window then?

Thanks in advanced.

If you have a JS only code component the number the contents wouldn’t appear in the compiled Python file.

I don’t need them for running my experiment.
Before writing this I have checked every code in psychopy, no “Test_Condition” there.
But, let me check again.

I Really appreciate your help.

  <Routine name="Simulation">
      <CodeComponent name="Simul_code">
        <Param name="Before Experiment" updates="constant" val="Simul_img = ''" valType="extendedCode"/>
        <Param name="Before JS Experiment" updates="constant" val="Test_Condition = &quot;&quot;;&amp;#10;" valType="extendedCode"/>

So – look in Simul_code of Simulation routine

I got it

Thank you.

But I have no idea what should I do next for running without reference error window?

Change the code “Test_Condition” to “Simul_img”?

Why does this code component exist?

Why is is set to both?

First, I set “py” not “both”
That pic is just show how translate py to js when I set ‘both’
I did not use the 'Test_Condition"

Still I wonder how can I fix the reference error for online test.