Reference Error None is not defined no blank polygons

URL of experiment: I am sorry I am only in the piloting stage and so I do not have a URL for the experiment yet.

Description of the problem:

I apologise this is the first time I have ever tried to upload an experiment from Builder to Pavlovia so I may be missing something obvious. What is happening is I keep getting a Reference Error: None is not defined message.

I have checked possible solutions according to other threads on the forum, but the only one I found that relates to the current problem is blank polygons and I have no polygons with $None as the fill colour (ie., all of my polygons are filled).

I also have an issue where I think the images I have are not sizing correctly to the screen even after following previous suggestions to select height as the units for image size and position to ensure it would translate well across participant devices and screens. I think this can also be seen (in yellow) in the console box in my screenshot where it says something about setting attribute.

Any help with these problems would be much appreciated thank you!

What line of code do you see when you click on MainStudyND 1494

Hello thank you for your quick reply again. It says this


and has a little red X next to it however I checked the polygon named consentbox and the opacity is set to 1.

Please could you show a screenshot of the polygon component and check whether consentbox.setOpacity is mentioned anywhere in your code components?

If you opacity was previously blank, then it may be a cache issue. Try Ctrl-Shift-R or an incognito tab.