Recording files are missing from results

URL of experiment: 音频 [PsychoPy] video [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I would like to ask that my experiment presents different experimental results in the plot phase and the run phase. In the plot stage, my experiment will generate a lot of recording files, but in the run stage, after downloading the data, it is found that there is only one recording file per person, and there is no sound in it. I don’t know what to do anymore, so I came to ask you and I would be very happy if I could get a response.

Is this the same issue?

This might be a case where upgrading to 2022.1.0 might help.

Thanks for your answer,I have upgraded psychopy and synced it to pavlovia, but the result of the run is still the same as before.

Hi There,

You might need to rebuild your experiment in 2022.1 - could you try making a basic experiment first in 2022.1 (one routine with a mic component in a loop) then sync it and run it. That should save one file per trial. I’ve tried that my side from a windows 10 and it should work - do let us know if you are running a different operating system.

If possible however, I would hold off maybe a week if you can? So sorry about this, but the 2022.1 release currently has a bug where if you sync to pavlovia it will freeze up, a project it made, but PsychoPy does become none responsive - you might have experienced that already if you synced a study from 2022.1 (the dev team are working on that before advertising the release widely).


Hello, thank you for the answer, upgrading psychopy can solve this problem! I can now download all the recording files, thank you!

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Marvelous!! I am very pleased - I really would recommend keeping an eye out for the next 2022 release coming very soon too - we are aware that it isn’t as smooth pushing experiments to pavlovia at the moment in 2022.1 and we hope to have that sorted soon - but for now, so long as you have a study that works online and gets you the data that’s fantastic!