Please help: Pavlovia is consistently saving only some recordings, others are missing

URL of experiment: Conversation Studyamt [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I’ve just started running my study on Amazon Turk, in which I am collecting participants’ voice recordings. When downloading their data, I’ve noticed that although they completed the study (as indicated on the experiment site), the majority of their recordings are consistently missing. I even took it myself, and found that that the same thing happens to me, which is concerning considering the fact that all the recordings were downloading on pilot mode.

What I think might be involved is that in my loop where I randomize the picture stimuli that they’re responding to (so 20 different pictures = they should be producing 20 recordings), only the first recording is saved. But I have no idea why this is happening.

I’m including screenshots of 1) the microphone component in question, and 2) details of the loop

Hi There,

This is a known error - the development team are on it and there is a fix in place for the next release (due in the next week or so).

Sorry for any inconvenience,