Recording data to experiment - eyetracker tobii pro fusion

I need to record a lot of data from the eyetracking device. I have already tested whether the data is being sent to psychopy and i have achieved that succesfully by using


Furthermore, I have made sure it is actually retrieveing the information by asking it to print whether recording was enable frame by frame and it has done it without an issue.

HOWEVER my problem right now is that the data is not being recorded AKA sent to any document. I am being unable to find this information in the hdf5 file, or in the csv (I’m talking data such as blink events, or in case of the use of actual eyetrackers, binocular positions).

I can find in the hdf5 file the columns for it, but the data is nowhere to be found and I am LOSING my mind because I cannot seem to understand why isn’t this already sent data being recorded.

This issue is not happening when I use ROIs, as these appear without a problem in my CSV. However, I need a more detailed recording that ROIs do not provide :frowning:

Right now I am testing this with my mouse, but I intend to use it with a Tobii Pro Fusion.