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Real time fMRI Neurofeedback with OpenNFT

Dear PsychoPy community,

It is my first time working with PsychoPy. I have a PsychoPy motor task but the problem is that the feedback sent from OpenNFT is not being sent to the screen while the participant is doing the task.

I know that OpenNFT is communicating perfectly with the other computer in which I have the PsychoPy task. In fact, the series of numbers sent from OpenNFT are appearing just in the Anaconda Prompt shell. But not in the PsychoPy task as I would like to.

My python version is 3.7. I am working with Windows (last version).
Take into consideration that feedback is sent intermittently.

I do not have any idea about how to implement this part in my PsychoPy motor task using a thermometer or something that indicates the subject while he/she is performing the task, if his/her functional activity in a region of interest is going up or going down.

If someone is interested and is able to get this done this week or on Monday, I will be more than grateful.
Interested persons that can really do it will receive an economic reward.


Best Wishes,