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Uploaded some programs to for sharing/re-use/whatever

Hi all,

Just wanted to post a link to an project I’ve just created where I’m planning on sharing my PsychoPy code. Will (hopefully) be updated semi-regularly.

View the project here:

Hope it’s useful for somebody.


Following is pasted from the project to show what’s currently there

This is a collection of PsychoPy programs (all created using the PsychoPy builder) that I hope others might find useful. My aim is to keep adding to this, so stay tuned…

Documentation is mostly non-existent (sorry), but if you have any questions please feel free to email me (mbwall [at] gmail). Use of any of these programs is at your own risk and I will not be held responsible for any damage to your career that may result. They’re all designed to work with our scanner and our response boxes, so will likely require some (light) modification to work anywhere else.

Quick descriptions of what’s currently here:

Basic fMRI test programs A finger-tapping, and a visual checker-board program. On/off block designs. As simple as you can possibly get.

Functional Battery This is based on:

Pinel, P., Thirion, B., & Meriaux, S. (2007). Fast reproducible identification and large-scale databasing of individual functional cognitive networks. BMC Neuroscience, 8(91), 1–18.

I’ve used it as a control task in a couple of pharmacological fMRI studies, e.g.

Comninos, A. N., Wall, M. B., Demetriou, L., Shah, A. J., Clarke, S. A., Narayanaswamy, S., … Dhillo, W. S. (2017). Kisspeptin modulates sexual and emotional brain processing in humans. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 127(2), 709–719.

Features audio trials recorded by my lovely colleague Lauren.

fMRI control task 2017 A better/updated/simpler version of the above, which I’m now using in my pharmacological fMRI studies. Two variants, one with eye-movement trials, and one with working memory trials. Both variants also contain audio, visual, and motor trials.

MID Task A basic version of the Knutson (2000) MID task, with no loss trials but some nice features, such as dynamic stimuli that adjust to the subjects performance. REQUIRES A 60Hz MONITOR FOR ACCURATE TIMING.

Motor sequence task A simple motor task with simple (one-finger) and complex (five-finger) blocks. Requires a five-finger response box (obviously).

Scanner Ratings A simple set of rating trials that can be completed in a fMRI scanner.

N-back Tasks Two versions, one with just 0 and 2-back blocks, and one with 0, 1, and 2 back blocks. The latter also has a laterality feature where you can switch the response mappings by entering a code at the beginning of the experiment.

Task switching A simple letter/number task-switching experiment based on:

Kimberg, D. Y., Aguirre, G. K., & D’Esposito, M. (2000). Modulation of task-related neural activity in task-switching: An fMRI study. Cognitive Brain Research, 10(1–2), 189–196.

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