Rating scale within routine won't go away after duration


I have a rating scale within a routine. I want the rating scale to appear at the beginning of the routine, and go away after 15s (regardless of whether the participant selects a rating or not). (See screenshot 1). However, the rating scale is not going away after 15s. Screenshot 2 shows my settings. What am I doing wrong?

Try ticking the disappear tick box in the advanced window?

Thanks, but I don’t think disappear has anything to do with this issue. Disappear makes the scale go away after the participant has selected a value. What I’m trying to do is make the rating scale “go away after 15s (regardless of whether the participant selects a rating or not)”. Thanks

I might be the fact that you haven’t got a duration parameter in ‘customise everything’ - this overrides all other options and the default will be ‘None’ which makes it stay up forever. Try adding duration = 15 in that tab.



Thanks, but that’s not true. Customize everything “does not affect: startTime, forceEndTrial, duration, storeRatingTime, storeRating” (p. 61 of manual).
It wouldn’t accept duration = 15 because it said duration ≠ a valid argument.

Just checked this on my version and this seems to be an issue - the duration parameter is not passed into or handled by the script.
The way around this is to use a code component with the following code executing on each frame:

if t >= 15:

Which is more or less what would be going on if the code were included in the py script.
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or you could do the following at the bottom of Custom:

disappear = True
maxTime = 15

That also works, and doesn’t need a code component!

That worked! Thanks so much!