Rating scale "started" value is always logged as 0

Windows 10, 64bit, running PsychoPy 3.2.4

The “started” value of my rating scales (default builder component) is always logged as 0 (or close to 0) while e.g. text components initiated at the same time log an actual onset time compared to the start of the experiment.

As a second issue, I noticed that no “stopped” time is logged from components which last until the end of the routine, I suspect this is because the ending of the routine prevents the proper ending of the component.

Is there a specific reason of why PsychoPy functions this way, i.e. is this intentional? Both issues can be by-passed by generating custom timestamps using a code component but considering how basic these properties are it feels like a bug.

The screenshot below shows a logfile of a script which first presented a text screen for 5 seconds, followed by a rating scale and a text instruction simultaneously, ending the routine on response. Note the missing “stopped” times and the difference in “rating.started” and “text_2.started”.

Can you replicate this bug in the newest release? If not then it may have been a bug which is now fixed.

If it’s still there, could you check in your rating scale component that you have “save onset/offset times” ticked?

You could also try switching from a rating scale to the newer Slider component - Slider effectively replaces rating scale, we just kept rating scale in as a legacy option so as not to break existing experiments. So it may be a flaw in rating scale which was solved in the move to Slider.

Both errors (incorrect and missing times) occur in both 3.2.4 and 2020.2.4. Saveonset/offset times selected.

I have been using the Rating Scale rather than the Slider component because of its “customize everything” option to enable and specify keyboard responses while being able to keep the entire paradigm in the builder. I already verified with non customized rating scales but the time logging errors stay.