Randomized audio stimuli in online survey?

Hi there! I need to create an experiment that is essentially a series of survey trials - 1 audio stimulus followed by a survey, 30 trials total. Many of the responses require a “select all that apply,” so using Builder seems less efficient here. Is there a way to present audio stimuli in the online survey tool? And is there a way to have these stimuli draw from a .csv file list so the presentation is randomized? I know how to do this in builder, but again I don’t know of a way to create “select all that apply” surveys within a trial loop.

The options that I am aware of at present are:

  1. Find a workaround to create “select all that apply” versions of rating scales (haven’t found a good solution on the forums yet)

  2. Create 4,000 unique questions in qualtrics and use the question randomizer to only draw 30 from that list (doubt this is a reasonable solution)

  3. Use pavlovia survey builder to create the trials online, but find way to present randomized stimuli contingent on participant age (don’t know if this is possible?)