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Randomising participants to a condition with just text

PsychoPy version 1.85.4.
I need PsychoPy to randomise participants to 1 out of 4 different pieces of text. At first, I tried doing this with an Excel file. I put each bit of text on a row on Excel and attached the file to a loop on the builder where I wanted either bit of text to appear. There are 4 conditions and 1 parameter according to the trial properties. When I ran this, none of the text came up from the Excel file. Not sure what else to try. Thanks.

Your general approach seems to be correct, maybe you forgot to tell PsychoPy about some details.
Can you confirm, that

  • the first row in your excel file is the name of the variable (e.g. text_piece)
  • PsychoPy recognizes the conditions correctly (when you click on your trial loop it should say something like 4 conditions with 1 parameter [text_piece])
  • you are referencing to the variable name correctly (the text stimulus should have your variable name e.g. $text_piece set as text)


Hi Rosina,
What you show in the screenshots looks correct to me. Last thing to check is whether

  1. your textStim has the text set to $script1 and
  2. is configured to be set every repeat.

Can you confirm this? Or is there any other output when you run your script?

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Also check the size property in the text stimulus makes sense in terms of the units specified. e.g. 0.1 is OK for normalised units, but invisible if the units are pixels.