Randomisation in Pavlovia Surveys

Randomisation Demo try it | json

Simple randomisation is currently available within questions and pages, but the page order is fixed.

Is page order randomisation on the horizon or not likely to be added for awhile?

If you want page order randomisation, then there are two options.

  1. You could use duplicate pages so you show A1 B or B A2. Random numbers in expressions will hopefully be available within the next week, but you could use the VESPR Study Portal or anything that can give you a value for participant to set the counterbalancing.

  2. You could use integration with PsychoPy and have a different survey for each randomised page. This is now available in 2023.1.0. However, due to other bugs in the release (which shouldn’t be a problem for an experiment just geared around surveys) we haven’t been promoting it. The bug fix 2023.1.1 should be available within the next week or so.