Answering questions on fourth page of survey jumps the user back to first page

In my survey, the first page is an HTML file, the second page is consent and third demographics questions, the fourth page has true or false yes/no Boolean questions, however when participants click on any of the questions and sometimes on empty space, the survey jumps them back to the first page. Their answers up to that point are saved for them, however they are also not showing to me as incomplete responses. How can I stop the study from jumping back to the first page please?

Do you have any randomisation in your survey? I’ve come across a bug related to this which needs fixing.

Hi yeah it uses randomisation, is there any way I can get around this or do I just need to wait for the bug to be fixed? Thanks!!

What does your randomisation look like?

I’ve been embedding surveys into PsychoPy experiments. Currently you can’t send information to the survey from the experiment, but you can use loops to select which surveys to display and get information back out.

Have a look at survey test in my online demos.

So i have three conditions, i did the random number generating thing random()*3+1 and then iif({RandNumber}<2, “OCDcond”, iif({RandNumber}<3, “Acond”, “Ccond”))

I’ll have a look at your demo and see if its something I can do, its a university dissertation so I think there’s some things I can’t do if they stray too far from my original plan due to the ethical approval. Thank you!

I’ve just written a workaround for this