Issue with question randomisation in Pavlovia Surveys when display logic is in place

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue when setting a page to randomise questions within it.

There are 4 questions on the page, with 2 set to display only if certain answers are selected in previous questions (i.e., certain answers need to be selected in Q1 for Q2 to show, and similarly for Q3 and Q4).
With the randomisation, if the logic is met Q2 and Q4 are shown at random in the page, when I’d like them to be displayed after the question they are dependent on.
So if the logic is met to show Q2, I want it to be shown after Q1 rather than at random on the page, and the same with Q4 being displayed after Q3.
However I still want Q1 and Q3 to be displayed randomly.
Is that possible or can it be implemented if not currently possible?

Here’s an example survey if that helps: survey_3022d33b-f186-4c6c-bc69-c144b9466014.json (532 Bytes)

Thanks in advance,

So you want Q1 (Q2) Q3 (Q4) or Q3 (Q4) Q1 (Q2).

How about creating a random group and having the page set up as Q1 (Q2) Q3 (Q4) Q1a (Q2a). Then use display logic to randomly show either Q1 (Q2) or Q1a (Q2a).

I haven’t opened your json but alternative approaches could be:

a) Set it up in Qualtrics and export the qsf to see if the necessary flow will work.

b) Use piped text to allow the text of Q1 (Q2) and Q3 (Q4) to be swapped.

c) Have two versions of the questionnaire and randomly call one of them using PsychoPy survey routines.