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R-Package - "pavloviaR" - Github Alpha Release

Hi all,
I managed to put together an alpha version of a small R-Package named “pavloviaR” to download data-files from Pavlovia-Repositories directly.

Please see the Github-Repository or the PkgDown-Page for more information.

It is not on CRAN. So you have to use library(remotes) and install_github("lboel/pavloviaR") to install the package.


  • Generate Access Token using Pavlovia-Username and -Password
  • Get a tibble of all projects (shared with you/ owned)
  • Get a tibble of all Data Files in the data/-Directory (with Timestamp-Column)
  • Merge the Data-File-Tibble (you can filter unwanted files before)´

Future releases will get more function parameters and a better structure. Right now I am working on generating Demo-Repositories and change status (running/pilot) from within R (e.g. get Pilot Token or inactivate project, if you have enough data).

Right now, I hope, that the package helps inexperienced/non-coding users to download and merge the generated data-files from the Pavlovia-Projects.

The whole package is experimental and please use it with caution (I do not perform any write-operations with the Access-Token (only reading operations), so the package should not do any harm).

Please note: I am not a member of the PsychoPy-Team and the whole package will be managed by me or other community-members (if someone is interested).

Please report issues in Github!

If you want to collaborate, PM me or open Pull-Requests. With more people involved, the package could be a great extension to the Pavlovia-Ecosystem. Especially, an extensive documentation would be nice for non-coding-users (only got a few hours per week for this side-project).

Hope, It works! (R Version greater than 4.0 is required)


PS: For an interactive dashboard connection to Pavlovia with R and Shiny using the same functions, see my blog posts (Part 3)


I am preparing the 0.2 Release in the next weeks (changing Status of Experiment (e.g. get a pilotToken) and easier data manipulation/preparation, as well as a simple status overview for your experiment).

If you encounter any problems or If you have feature requests, just join the Gitter-Channel I have created for the project:
pavloviaR/community - Gitter