Questions for starting new online experiment


The lab I work for is hoping to begin a new study that consists of an online dot probe task. We are considering using Pavlovia to do so but we are unsure if it has the capabilities to include certain aspects that are essential to our study.

For example, is it possible to have different stimuli presented to each participant (NOT RANDOMIZED)? Meaning, if we wanted each participant to be presented with very specific pictures according to who they are, within the same task, would that be possible?

Secondly, is it possible to track when participants start and end the task?

Lastly, is there any possibility of measuring the facial expressions while participants complete a task?

We appreciate any information that can be provided to us! Thank you.

Yes in principle though it will depend a little bit on exactly how you’re doing recruitment. You can pass information to Pavlovia through query strings from a recruitment website or pre-task survey and use that to determine which set of stimuli they see.

I believe this is recorded by default and if it isn’t, it’s pretty easy to add.

See Emotion detection software in online experiment
There is a demo for using Google’s face API linked in that thread. I haven’t tried it myself recently so I don’t know how well it works, but it should be possible.