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Voice latency in online studies

Dear PsychoPy team,
I wish to know if Pavlovia can support primed picture naming experiments which include many trials over 180? Consider that the prime duration is about 67 msec. Could the reaction time (either the vocal_RTs or keyboard responses) be a real number if the task is performed online on Pavlovia?

Keyboard responses are much easier to work with than voice keys, though I am interested in the possibility of a voice based Stroop.

In theory this is possible using the new microphone component (which does work online) though be careful that this component is still in beta more and as far as I am aware there is not a large user base using it yet.


Thanks for your responses. What about the possibility of running a heavy experiment on pavlovia?

If in terms of “heavy” you mean 180 pictures (please correct me if I am wronge) that should be no problem. The only time that studies are slowed with large resources is the initial loading phase and (if there is “heavy” data) when the data are sent back to pavlovia. For that reason we highly recommend ensuring the participant has stable internet connection (to avoid data loss).

Yeah that’s 180 words followed by a noise and a picture each, with some components before and after these. Is that regarded heavy?

I don’t see any issue with that - are there 180 unique sounds as well as 180 unique pictures? how long is each sound file?

Actually there’s no sound there in the design but prime words only.

Aha ok! I think it should all be fine then! I would say test it out!


Thank you Becca