Question about text component appear twice

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer of psychopy. I faced a problem that I can’t solve. In order to better illustrate, I simplified my experimental question.

For example, I want to conduct two block. In every block, the text component would display text from the conditional file. The first text is $display1 and second text is $display2.

I want just show one text component in each block, so I set empty content in each block. For example, In block 1, I set display2 is empty. Similarly, $display1 is empty in block 2.

My question is that when the progress into block 2, the content of $display1 still remain on the screen. But the fact is the content of display1 is empty. Why did this problem occur? How could I show empty when the progress in block 2?

Attachment is my experiment files and screenshot.

Thanks for everyone help! (28.5 KB)

In block 1, only $display 1 appear.

In block 2, $display1 still remain

Update: When I check the log of exp, I found psychopy failed to solve the “None” text.

As the screenshot shown, the $display1 is None, but the "text: text = “it’s 10"” still display 10, the content of last block of $display1.


I do not see the need to use display1 and display2. Just delete the text-component display2, rename the column display2 to display1 in 2.xlsx, delete display2 in 1.xlsx and 2.xlsx.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for you replying. This just a simplified version of my exp. I’m designing a experiment of IAT, and I need participants exercise concept word (display1) in block 1 and evaluations word (display2) in block 2. So in block 1 the display2 is empty and in block 2 the display1 is empty.

I followed your recommand that delete text-component display2 and rename display2 to display1. Another question happened that that display shown “None” in block 2.

I can’t reproduce the bug in this example so I upload the screenshot of my exp. As shown, the StimWord (like $display) is None in index 21, but None in index 22.

Thanks for your reply again!


well, I have no idea about the error but there is no need to use display1 in block 1 and display2 in block2. You can use display in block1 and block2 if you follow the suggestion I made before. If you present nothing why bothering with a text-component?

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for your reply. My questions have been solved in github. My request is to display empty when the cell is blank. The github tell me that

blank cells are read in as None , and setting the text of TextStim to None means essentially "don’t change

The reference link below here.

Thanks for you helping again!