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Problem with presenting stimuli in OpenIAT

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hi, I have a problem with the presentation of stimuli in an implicit association test. As shown in the attached image, the text “NaN” is on top of the presented picture. It does this in every picture in this specific block, namely when the category “Danish” is to the left. Otherwise, it works perfectly. The problem also occurs when I open the test off-line in PsychoPy.

I have translated the test into Danish, but the problem also seems to occur in other versions of the test, although a bit differently. In other versions available on PsychPy the text on top of the picture is not “NaN”, but rather the last word presented for categorization (in the ‘problematic’ block words and pictures are presented randomly).

I case it has something to do with my computer: I run the latest version of PsychoPy on a MacBook pro (MacOS 10.13.6)

Hopefully, someone can help.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I think this is just the text_stim component of the trial not being set to anything. You should be able to either turn it off in the builder or add it to whatever is controlling the loop with the text ‘’, which should render as blank.