Text component not displaying in the first trial


Our experiment utilizes a text component to appear on the stimulus routine for 120 separate trials. The actual text refers to a variable in our experiment, which is 1 of 2 textbox responses that participants will type in from a previous routine. For example, our participant will type in “Mary” in the first textbox (Name1) and “John” (Name2) in the second textbox in two separate routines, and the text in the stimuli routine will display either “Mary” or “John”. We utilize a loop of 120 trials, and Name1 and Name2 will appear exactly 60 times each.

Our problem is that in the first instance of the stimuli routine, no text appears where there should be. The following 119 trails successfully display a name. In the Excel output, it shows that there was text displayed (either Name1 or Name2). This shows us that there is a name that got attached to that trial, but it doesn’t appear when running the experiment. We need the text to appear on the first trial, and we don’t know what is causing it to be blank.

Thank you!

Is your code component at the top of the routine