QUEST Staircase overflow error

Hi, I am trying to interleave two QUEST staircases. I set up the conditions file, calculating the value of variables like gamma, beta, and delta as stated on the Staircases page; however, when I try running my experiment, it appears frozen and cannot move past the first trial. I waited for quite a while before hitting escape. I receive a RuntimeWarning error (overflow encountered in power) for a calculation involving beta, delta, and gamma–I’ve included a screenshot below.

What did you try to make it work?:
I thought perhaps I came up with the wrong numbers for beta, delta, and gamma, which is why it threw an error, so I changed them to their default as suggested by PsychoPy. This still resulted in the same message as before and I am unsure why or what to do. I also do not know what self.x2 represents.

I have included the beta, delta, gamma values that I used in my conditions file below, both with my own numbers and the default suggested by PsychoPy.

If anybody has advice too on how to find or use pThreshold, I would really appreciate that too.

OS : MacOS
PsychoPy version : 2023.1.2