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QUEST+ implementation

Hi all,
I’m trying to use the quest+ implementation that seems to be coded in Psychopy3. Quest method is well documented and I was able to set up an experiment, but it seems that there is no info about the parameters needed to run the quest+. Does anybody know how to use this method?
Thank you very much!!!

Hello @mvustarroz, I’m the author of the QUEST+ implementation. The documentation should be updated with the next release of PsychoPy (which should happen soon-ish if I’m not mistaken, as @jon has just published a second release candidate).

Are you trying to use QUEST+ via code or via the Builder?

Hi Richard, thank you so much for the quick response. I’m working via code, so I’d just need some help about how to set the parameters of the function.

Looking forward for your responses and updates!!



Hey @mvustarroz, I just checked the sources of PsychoPy 3.2, and the docstrings of the QuestPlusHandler class are fairly complete I believe:

If you could tell me about your intended experiment (which stimuli / intensities you are planning to use, which task participants are to perform, how many trials to run, …), we could try to work out a parameter set that should get you started!

I’ve just pushed the updated docs (thanks Richard) to

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Thanks @jon!

Thank you so much for you both (and sorry for the late response)
Now I’m working with the QUEST+ implementation and I’ll be back here in case I need more assistance. ( BTW: I’m interested in exploring how different fonts are perceived. I’m sure I’ll be back soon!)