Help sought with implementing QUEST staircase method online

How difficult would it be for me to write my own implementation of the QUEST staircase method that works online? Is there anyone reading this who can enumerate the steps (in natural language or simple Python) needed to determine 50% and 75% thresholds such that I can write it in a form that can be translated to JavaScript?

Perhaps I just need to start with

and rewrite it so it translates correctly, but I was hoping that a more minimal script would be sufficient.

Perhaps I need to go back to:

I’m guessing that QUEST Plus is more complicated so I should stick to QUEST.

@jon @richard @jeremygray

@richard was working on QUEST+ and I don’t know how far he was from completing that. That would be a superset of QUEST once it’s complete

@becca recently wrote a plain up/down staircase (just in a code component) so she went through the necessary steps of converting the Python to JS for that algorithm

If I’m going to code it myself, I figured I should start with QUEST rather than QUEST+

I have written a simple staircase using @Becca 's code.orientation_staircase [PsychoPy] but I had to get creative when I had to add the 75% threshold and realised that having separate thresholds for fearful and neutral faces made the thresholding task too easy if the amount of noise for the two face types got too different. etemp6 [PsychoPy]

To add to this thread here, I recently played with interleaved staircases to try and assimilate Multistair handler in psychopy. Not a direct answer to QUEST question but leaving here for future interest Rebecca Hirst / interleaved-staircase · GitLab

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