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Pyo error (Server not booted. Pyo built without Coreaudio support) when creating sound stimuli

I am using Mac OS with Python 3.5.5.
I installed pyo:

brew install liblo libsndfile portaudio portmidi
pip install   --install-option="--use-coreaudio"   --install-option "--use-double"   git+git://

And defined the code to use it:

import pyo
from psychopy impor prefs
prefs.general['audioLib'] = ['pyo']
from psychopy import sound

sample = sound.Sound(wav_file, sampleRate = 16000)

And I get the error:

Pyo error: Pyo built without Coreaudio support
Pyo error:
Server not booted.
Pyo error: The Server must be booted!

Any idea what the problem may be?