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PyGaze and Tobii error

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to use PyGaze along with a TobiiPro X3-120. I ran the slideshow script (, found on the pygaze website) with LOGFILENAME=’1′. The Tobii lights turned on, the calibration routine ran without any issues and at the end I got the following two files in my data folder:
– 1.txt
– 1_TOBII_output.tsv

When I ran the slideshow analysis script (, I got the following error:

No eye data file (neither ASC, nor EDF) file found for participant ‘1’

Is there anything I need to change in my constants file or anything else I need to do before running the slideshow script?

I just want to run an AOI experiment, any other suggestions as to how I may achieve this?

Thanks in advance


I believe that the slide show example was based on PyGazeAnalyser and it (read_edf) does not support Tobii data files (.tsv). I think you can read the data manually and apply the same logic in the script to analyze the data.

p.s. To discuss PyGaze, I think forumof OpenSesame with PyGaze tag would be more appropriate :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Alright, I’ll try to do as you say.