Send trigger pulse from Psychopy to EEG and PowerLab simulatneously

PsychoPy version 2021.1.31.84

Hi guys,

I am trying to set-up an experiment in Psychopy that delivers auditory tones that I hope will send trigger pulses simultaneously to my EEG (AntNeuro) and PowerLab devices. The tricky part is that the laptop running Psychopy only has USB and HDMI connections. Does anyone have any experience overcoming this issue that could possibly help us out!

Thanks in advance,

Our StimTracker Duo model would be ideally suited for that. It can detect onset of audio automatically (so less coding in PsychoPy) and can support dual simultaneous outputs.

StimTracker connects to EEG devices via m-pod. We have m-pod models that are specifically designed for ANT Neuro and for PowerLab – so no need to make custom cables.

The lot is complemented by a free open source Python library.