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PsychoPy3 won't run on my Mac

Hi all,

Have just downloaded PsychoPy3 and it crashes immediately after opening. Can’t even read the text box before it crashes. I’m trying to run it in a macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and also have PsychoPy2 running perfectly in the same notebook. Any suggestion?



Hi Felipe

Pasychopy3.0.0.b4 crashes on both of my Macs also.

Terry Acree


I think it’s a problem that they are working on. I’ve experienced the same problem.
You can try starting Py3 via terminal.
-Right click on PsychoPy3 icon in the app folder
-Show content
-PsychoPy3 (the one with terminal icon)

That should work for you while they are fixing the problem.


Thanks Valerio.
Unfortunately it crashed via terminal as well.

Waiting for them to fix the problem for now then.



sorry didn’t work for me. Terry

(Starting Py3 via terminal) Does it crashes or freezes?
If it freezes, take a look at the terminal, it probably ask you to insert your username and password. That should make Py3 stop freezing.
If it just crashes, I think it’s best to wait until they fix the problem.

Crashes… thanks!

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Sorry to hear that.
I guess we have to wait then.

Yes, no problems. Thanks for you support!

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