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Psychopy won`t start

Hey guys,

Psychopy is currently behaving in an anomalous way on my PC (running Windows 7): when starting, it only shows the flash screen, then the advices. Then the icon stays highlighted but the program doesnt start. So I cannot access the coder or builder view. I have tried everything specified on the Psychopy website. When running the line from the website in the Terminal, it shows me the following error message (see picture, read only the last call). I have tried de-installing and re-installing, using as admin, installing as admin, installing older versions. I put the installer in C:\TEMPS. Nothing works, its the same behaviour every time. Also, when I am trying to run the installation as an admin, it sometimes gives me an error message saying that I have a problem with the python2.7.dll. However, I have installed the program recently on a Windows XP PC and it worked fine. HELP?

Have you tried this?

Hi Richard.

Thanks a lot for your reply. In the end, the IT team created a new user profile for me, which solved the problem, but my operating system is still the same. If I ever get this problem again, I`ll try it out, I think you might be right. Thanks for the solution.

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Did you, by any chance, use this computer with PsychoPy in a dual-monitor setup before the problem occurred? Or had it hooked up to a screen with a much higher resolution?