Psychopy + high sierra

**What specifically went wrong when you tried that?
The software is easily downloaded, but since I upgraded my mac pro to high sierra, psychopy is terminated when I clicked on the app icon. Could you help me fix that?

  • Macbook pro ( MacOS High Sierra)
  • StandalonePsychoPy2-1.90.1b-MacOS.dmg

Just to confirm, you’re running it from your applications folder?

It may be a Mac security issue. If you try to run it and it doesn’t start, go to system settings > security > general and see if there’s any message there about opening a program from an unknown developer.

I am on high sierra and running 1.90.1b and it works fine, so it is possible.

Thank you Jon for your response, but I am sure it is not a security issue since I always click OK on the “allow application…” on the security window.
I attached two screenshot of what happens when I click on the icon to start Psychopy. It freezes mid-way and then it is terminated.

Odd. All I can suggest is delete the application, re-download it, and reinstall. Ideally restart your computer before reinstalling as well.

I will try that.

Thank you,