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I cannot download psychopy v2020.2 on my mac

It says that the “StandalonePsychoPy3-2020.2.3-MacOS.dmg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”. It then says “This software needs to be updates. Contact the developer for more information.” Does anyone know how I could fix this issue and download the program? My MacOS is 10.14.5
Thank you

It may be that you are only allowing apps downloaded from the Apple App store. You can override this in your Security and Privacy settings:

Hi all,
I was running in the same issue with psychopy 2021, using an older macOS (10.14, mojave). So maybe this is still interesting for some of you:
For me it worked after I deactivated mac security settings via the terminal. So I opened a terminal, and then entered this: sudo spctl --master-disable
(Then entered my password). After that, I went back to system settings → security, where a new option “open all apps” was available. I chose that.