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PsychoPy fails to open

Hi, I’m using Ubuntu 16.04. I’ve installed PsychoPy version 1.83.04 from the Neurodebian repository. I’ve installed this version before, but was trying to update to 1.84.0, but Neurodebian hasn’t packaged it yet. I hosed the 1.83.04 version I’d bee using, so I purged it and re-installed (fresh install) PsychoPy 1.83.04. Now I’m not able to launch PsychoPy from the launcher nor from the command line. I’m getting this error:

from …_base import BaseComponent, Param, getInitVals, _translate
ImportError: cannot import name getInitVals

I’d really like to install the 1.84.0 version, but at this point I’d like to get it to launch even if it’s 1.83.04. Any ideas why this is blowing up?

Additional info: I removed the .psychopy2 directory and re-tried to launch PsychoPy and now get the error:

Neither wxPython nor PyQt could be imported so gui is not available

However, wxPython and PyQt are installed.