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PsychoPy experiment crashes at certain audio files

In an experiment participants have to react to 90 sounds presented in a random order. However the experiment crashes at certain (random) loop iterations.

When I try to play the audio files manually within the experiment some lead to a crash. Say the files are called “x1.wav”, “x2.wav”, … “x15.wav”, located in the folder “stim”. Setting a sound stimulus as “stim/x1.wav” works fine, but when setting the same stimulus to “stim/x2.wav” the experiment crashes. x3.wav and x4 work fine again, x5 and x6 don’t, etc. So it seems like the experiment crashes only at certain audio files.
It does not seem related to length and size of the files as some which work are bigger and longer than some which do not. It is also unrelated to sample rate.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this issue?