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Psychopy chars spaces aren't as expected for Hebrew text

I am using RTL language style in Psychopy 1.9 to display sentences in Hebrew. However, there are some randomly added spaces between characters. Please see the following presented output (Following by the way this word/phrase should look like):
It should look like that:
Image 1 - בגלל שנועם
Image 2 - שהכדורגלן

Please notice the fault added spaces
It worth noting that when I do not select RTL but LTR the spaces still appears. All I do is read the words from .csv and present them.

This is the relevant SO thread:

Any ideas?


Someone has an idea?

Hi, I think we established at SO the the issue wasn’t with RTL text per se, but in general with displaying this Hebrew text, regardless of direction. So I’ve edited the title of the topic accordingly.

I guess what we need to know for starters is:

  • What platform you are on.
  • What font(s) you have tried.
  • What happens if you use a monospace font.

You can get a list of font names available to you by opening a Coder window, pasting in this code, and running it:

import matplotlib.font_manager

@Michael Thanks!
I went over the fonts from findSystemFonts().
The monospaces fonts:
VeraMono, Andale Mono, ElroNet Monospace (downloaded from the internet) didn’t help: Vera and elro had spaces while Anadale had no space but some characters was cut.
However, while iterating over the fonts I saw that Arial presents the sentences really nicely.