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Missing diacritical marks

I’ve downloaded the Standalone PsychoPy 3.2.4 for MacOS. I’ve tried running an experiment involving words presented one word at a time in Arabic and the words appeared without diacritics although the excel document contains the list of words with diacritics. Is there a way to make diacritical marks appear on Arabic words? Thanks.


  1. Would you mind posting a minimal reproducible example here, plus screenshots of what the current output is and what you would like it to be?
  2. If you switch to the Coder view and from the Demos menu, run the Stimuli -> script, do the diacritics appear properly there?
  3. I’m going to guess that this is likely going to just be a font issue. What happens if you try other fonts for the text stimulus?

Caveat: I can’t read Arabic at all, but with a bit of hand-holding was able to solve issues with displaying re-shaped and bi-directional Arabic text.



the markings on top of the letters are missing as you can see in the screenshots

OK thanks, could you please post a spreadsheet here (only a couple of representative rows needed)?

book.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Thanks. The problem seems to be pretty deep-rooted, and at this stage seems to lie outside of PsychoPy’s own code base, and instead be an issue for the third-party drawing systems that we rely upon to display text.

I’ll look into it a bit further… Unfortunately there is not much online about other people dealing this issue, even though it must be much wider-spread than just the PsychoPy project, and be a general Python issue.

Hi, sorry this took a while but the answer was staring at me all the time. We are going to need to make some changes to PsychoPy for a future release to get this to work automatically.

But in the interim, we may be able to get things working for you immediately by using some custom code. Let me know if you’d like to go further with this, or if this is too late a response to be useful.

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yes sure, I would like to use custom code. Thanks