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Psychopy and numpy version missmatch (1.83.5 / 1.85.1)

Hey folks,

for my Bachelorthesis, I have to prepare a study based on psychopy (Version 1.85.1).
I got the standalone Version of Psychopy installed on my computer (Mac). Here, the code is running perfectly and without any problems.
Next, I tried to run the code on a computer in our Lab, but here, the following error occurred:

According to this:!topic/psychopy-users/pavRTrWYa-U
I’m facing a version mismatch of Psychopy (1.83.5 on the Lab-computer and 1.85.1 on my laptop) and the numpy-library (1.11 on the Lab-computer and 1.8 on my laptop). Has anyone of you experienced something like this before and how did you solve it?

There is no possibility for me to update Psychopy manually, I don’t have any access to the system.
Is there a way around to get the code running or is contacting the admin the only way?

Much appreciation for any help :slight_smile:
Best regards,