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PsychoPy 3.1 and SMI Red 500: Single letter event being sent instead of full file name


We are programming an experiment using PsychoPy 3.1 (builder) and iViewXSDK to access our SMI eyetracker (two computer setup). We have been able to start calibration and produce an .idf file. However, though the events seem to be marked when we open the .idf file in BeGaze, both the .idf file name and the user events are a single letter as opposed to the complete file name that was designated in the script. Of note, the lower case “f” should be “fix.jpg” and the uppercase “F” is part of the stim image file names (e.g., “F1AH.jpg”). We think that this is why we have been unable to sync the stimulus that was presented on screen with the eye-tracking data in BeGaze. In addition, on the BeGaze dashboard it says we have a single experimental trial (though we have five stimulus trial presentations and five fixation presentations).


Here is the script that was created by the builder: (29.2 KB)

Has anyone run into a similar issue or have any suggestions of how to fix these issues?

Thanks a lot for your time!